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The best wine label

Posted by rojung on May 20, 2007

Bonny Doon vineyard  smallwinemakers.ca

Like Columbus who sought a trade route to Asia, Randall Grahm set sail in 1979 for the Great American Pinot Noir, foundered on the shoals of astringency and finesselessness and ended up running aground in the utterly unexpected New World of Rhône and Italian varieties.  With his family’s assistance, Randall purchased property in the Santa Cruz Mountains in a hypnogogically quaint area known as Bonny Doon intent on producing the Great American Pinot Noir. The GAPN proved to be systematically elusive but he was greatly encouraged by experimental batches of Rhône varieties.  read more

Bonny Doon tasting room  September 2005  winecountry.com

Though off the beaten path, many Santa Cruz, California visitors make the scenic journey to Bonny Doon’s regional wine tasting room in the Santa Cruz Mountains. This unconventional winery is well-known for unique French and Italian-style wines.  read more

Bonny Doon breaks out  wines.com

Imagine being near Soledad Prison when the searchlights start scanning the walls, sirens are going off, and some sheets are hanging from a window. Of course, it sounds like a typical jail break, but what it really is, is a winery breaking the mold of romance and tradition. In this case, one can imagine Randall Grahm singing “Tradition” and his voice booming over the local enophiles who tout their aging collections.   read more

Big House Red  damngoodwine.com

This wine is from the completely whacked folks at Bonny Doon Vineyards. They blend together traditional French varietals Syrah, Grenache, Carignane and Mourvèdre with Italian varietals Dolcetto and Barbera. This blending produces a rather nice wine that comes in under $10. The price point is key here. There is so much crappy red wine out there now for under $10 that whenever I can find something that is good or very good in that price range, I will let you folks know.  read more

2 Responses to “The best wine label”

  1. Bonny Doon wines are a lot of fun aren’t they!

  2. rojung said

    Yes, they are! One of my favorites. I usually look for them everywhere I go. ;o)

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