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No more periods?

Posted by rojung on May 19, 2007

FDA set to OK new birth control  May 18, 2007  usatoday.com

Women looking for a simple way to avoid their menstrual period could soon have access to the first birth control pill designed to let women suppress monthly bleeding indefinitely.  The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is expected to announce approval Tuesday for Lybrel, a drug from Wyeth which would be the first pill to be taken continuously.  read more

Lybrel elminates period altogether  April 26, 2007  dailyvidette.com

For many women, being able to eliminate their monthly period would seem like a dream come true.  Thanks to a new birth control pill called Lybrel, this dream may become a reality.  Next month, the Food and Drug Administration is expected to approve Lybrel, the first contraceptive pill designed to eliminate periods as long as the woman takes it.  read more

Hidden dangers of new pill  April 23, 2007  mercola.com

The U.S. FDA is likely going to approve Lybrel, a birth control pill that eliminates monthly menstruation entirely, in the near future.  No extra risks are known to be caused by this form of the pill, but many people are uneasy about the idea.  read more

Mixed reviews on new birth control April 20, 2007  nytimes.com

For many women, a birth control pill that eliminates monthly menstruation might seem a welcome milestone.  But others view their periods as fundamental symbols of fertility and health, researchers have found.  Rather than loathing their periods, women evidently carry on  complex love-hate relationships with them.  read more

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